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1. What is an interNship?

Internships in your Major or Minor (Communication, Theatre, Dance, and Film) offer practical work experience in a particular occupation or industry to people who are new to the field. Internships strengthen resumes by giving students visible work experience and providing older job searchers with needed credentials to change careers.

2. Who can do an internship?

To be eligible within the Department of Communication & Theatre Arts, students must be at junior or senior level, have a GPA of 2.0 or higher, and have taken 12 credits within our department. Depending upon their concentration, other prerequisites must be met, in order to ensure the student is ready for internship.


The purpose of internship is to enable the student to gain experience working in a new field. Work is expected to be related to your Major or Minor curriculum, be substantive and varied (not clerical or simplified labor or duties).  

General guidelines can be seen here.

3a.  I heard my professor mention something about a Zero Credit Internship, what is that?

4. how do I find an interNship?

Students can find internships by approaching employers directly, searching our Current Opportunities or Elite Partnerships, or reaching out to Monarch Internship & Co-Op office.


Most students are required to submit a resume and participate in an interview with the prospective employer. Students can reach out to Career Development Services ( for resume support, or ePortfolio tutors ( for help in updating their ePortfolio for job or internship searches.

5. how do I EARN CREDIT?

To earn academic credit for internship, students take the Internship course during the semester of their internships. (COMM/THEA/DANC 368).


The Internship course is available in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Applications to take the course must be approved by the internship coordinator. It is strongly recommended that students go over this website thoroughly to set themselves up for success.

6. What is my next step?

Take your time exploring the website, and visit Career Development Services to get help with your resume. Once you have secured your internship, complete the Internship Application and have your internship supervisor complete their agreement form. After approval by the internship coordinator, get ready to earn academic credit while gaining work experience in your chosen field. 

Calling all Alumni!

We LOVE hosting guests to stay connected and share expertise with current and future interns.

If you're interested, please reach out to the Current Director to get involved!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Department as an alum or joining the

Department Advisory Board, please reach out to the Department Chair

Communication Major Trey Scott,

shares about his experience

interning with ODU Football

WAVY 10 intern Jenette Hastings,

pictured below with anchor Tom Schaad.

J Hastings WAVY intern SU 22 1.jpeg
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