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intern Application

To earn academic credit for internships, students must take the Internship class (COMM/THEA/DANCE 368) during the semester they complete their internships.


  • Once you find an internship that appeals to you, contact the company and identify yourself as a Communication major from Old Dominion University. Ask the contact person how to apply for their internship and proceed accordingly.


  • Apply for the internship just as you would a regular job.

  • Once a company has approved you for an internship, complete an application to enroll in an Internship and email it to the Current Director.

PRSSA Intern Fair Student Panel.jpeg

Fall 2021 PRSSA Internship Fair Student Panel with Prof. Lietzenmayer 

  • Our process involves screening for GPA and class standing, approval of the job description for the internship, and demonstration of the student’s preparedness for the internship (this includes professionalism, so be sure to use proper email etiquette, thoroughly proofread application, and demonstrate you are ready to act as an ambassador for ODU and the Department of Communication).


  • The entire application process for Internship (COMM/THEA/DANC) 368 is completed electronically—no hard copy applications will be accepted, nor will incomplete applications be approved. Once the application is approved, the Internship Director will assist you with enrolling in the course. Approval of the internship as eligible for academic credit is at the sole discretion of the Communication Internship Director.


  • Note: Some companies require a signature by the Internship Director indicating you will receive academic credit before they will hire you. In this case, the signature is conditional—you must enroll in the course and satisfactorily complete all requirements to pass. Any student who submits to an employer a signature by the Internship Director and does not enroll in the Internship class will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, and will be ineligible to take an Internship in the future.


  • Students are strongly encouraged to obtain departmental approval and complete the necessary enrollment paperwork before the last day of classes in the term prior to the semester the internship will be completed (e.g., approval in the fall for a spring internship). Only in rare circumstances may internships be added as late as the drop/add period.


  • Once your internship has been approved, the Communication Internship Director will lift your registration bar. You must then enroll in the appropriate 368 yourself.


  • Note: In the event that Leo allows you to enroll on your own, if you enroll without approval of the Internship Director, you will be dropped from the course and must go through the regular application process.

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