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What is a Zero-Credit Internship? 

Zero-Credit Internship Guidelines

Zero-Credit internships are generally project-based and a great way to gain valuable experience while not committing to a full 3-credit hour internship. Review the information below or ask the Current Director about the Zero-Credit internship.

  1. Must be registered for 0-credit prior to the drop deadline

  2. Student must be in good academic standing

  3. Internship must consist of at least 10 weeks OR 50 total hours

  4. Student must complete 0-credit internship form and submit it with a description

  5. Student will register for UNIV 068 (0 credit) – no tuition required

  6. F-1 students must go through the CPT process and permission to use the 0-credit internship is subject to the approval of the VISA office

  7. Course will display in the student’s course listing for the semester in which they are registered

  8. May be included in the LeADERS program (restricted to only 1 0-credit course)

  9. Students will complete an online evaluation and the internship employer will complete an online evaluation

  10. Faculty/staff oversight (required) by University liaisons

  11. Experience linked to outcomes

  12. Product demonstrating completion

Please answer the below questions in order to be considered for a 0 credit internship. 

You MUST answer all questions. For any questions, please email

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