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COMM 433: capstone




What will I do in a capstone?

Capstone Objectives:

  • Identify theories, methodologies, and relevant current scholarship from their Major area.

  • Apply their disciplinary knowledge into a Communication research project and proposal.

  • Evaluate peer work and offer critical and constructive feedback rooted in application of Communication disciplinary knowledge.

  • Compile and present research in a unique, professional project to showcase expertise and Communication competencies.

Capstone sets you apart

Course Description: Communication Capstone, requires students to exhibit knowledge from disciplinary curricula. Students will review an informed snapshot of current topics, methods and research within the Communication discipline. Students will demonstrate communication competency through the development of a final project (with required research). 

Pre req: COMM Major or Minor, Senior in good academic standing, must have completed their Core Major requirements (BS: 200S, 260, 302; BA: 200S, 260, 301) and Major foundation courses. Or permission of the instructor.


Highlighted capstone Student

Jordan Canaday

Intercultural Communication & Drag in Richmond, VA

Disco Ball JC capstone .jpg
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