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what should i take?

Strat Comm majors take: COMM 490, COMM 368, or COMM 433.

All other COMM majors may take: COMM 300, COMM 368, COMM 433, approved Service Learning courses (vary by semester), or approved Study away/Study abroad (vary by semester).

Dance, Theatre, and Film students should see their specific requirements here.

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Communication, Theatre, and Dance internships offer practical work experience in a particular occupation to people who are new to the field.


Internships strengthen resumes by giving students visible work experience and providing older job hunters with needed credentials to change careers. 

Sample project: Lela Hernandez 


Lela was awarded the Internship ePortfolio Competition Winner for the ASIS eP Fall 2022 competition!

Communication Capstone, requires students to exhibit knowledge from disciplinary curricula. Students will review an informed snapshot of current topics, methods and research within the Communication discipline. Students will demonstrate communication competency through the development of a final project (with required research). 

Sample project: Jordan Canaday, Fall 2022

Jordan was awarded the Overall ePortfolio Competition Winner for the ASIS eP Fall 2022 competition!
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This course provides students with a final, capstone experience in strategic communications. It will do three main things: prepare students to effectively enter the job market in terms of how they present themselves, prepare students to create and present a professional-level portfolio of research, strategies and tactics, and give students hands-on experience with a client and a team. 

Study Abroad/Study Away

Consider studying abroad for a semester, academic year, summer, or spring break as part of your academic experience. Studying abroad can enhance any major by building global awareness and citizenship. In addition, the culture and language learning opportunities are unparalleled.

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The Department of Communication & Theatre Arts is committed to offering students the opportunity to learn hands-on methods for community building while engaging with course subject materials. Connect, Learn, and Grow with a service learning course for your major!

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