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Where do we go?

The Department of Communication & Theatre Arts is on the move. Our Study Abroad courses have taken us to London, Scotland, Cuba, and Costa Rica. Study Away options in the continental United States include Seattle, WA.


For any questions about these opportunities or for inquiries about funding, please see Study Abroad or reach out to them on campus or via   e-mail.  

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benefits of studying
away from home

"Consider studying abroad for a semester, academic year, summer, or spring break as part of your academic experience. Studying abroad can enhance any major by building global awareness and citizenship. In addition, the culture and language learning opportunities are unparalleled." - ODU, Study Abroad

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Study Abroad: Interested Students
Spring 2022: Study Away in Seattle, "The Seattle 9"
Chihuly Museum Seattle 9.jpg

Hear from fellow Monarchs why a Study Away in Seattle course was beneficial-whether you are a Communication major or not!

Aaron Wells, Sociology Major and Junior in Spring 2022 shares, "I feel I have a more nuanced understanding of the way our culture relegates people in marginalized groups to the background. In general, the needs of people who are differently abled, LGBTQIA+, racial minorities, and gender minorities are not focused on and we often have to advocate for ourselves for the most trivial things, such as safe accommodations or haircare while traveling". Read more  here!

Spring 2022 COMM 495 Study Away in Seattle students look down with glass artwork in ceiling at the Chihuly Museum, March 2022.

As the class explored social identity and organizational communication culture, trip roommates Helen Pfalzer and Chloe Jaeger reflected on these intersections.  Helen noted, "businesses that push for diversity and inclusion but lack diverse representation in leadership positions, are perfect examples of performative action. Representation plays an important role in individuals feeling comfortable within a space, from music played to products offered. When an individual experiences something that shows appreciation for, or represents their identity, it makes them feel respected and valued. Diversity in positions of power gives marginalized groups a voice by bringing awareness to unheard perspectives which leads to positive change within the organization." Read more by Helen here.

Space Needle Seattle 9.jpg

Photo of 7 ODU students and 2 Communication faculty at the Seattle Space Needle, March 2022.

Chloe expands with, "change and action are best accomplished when those with the power of influence and gatekeeping reflect the diversity of their employees, customers, and society as a whole." Read more by Chloe here.

What is Experience Guaranteed at ODU?

2022 Experience Guaranteed Fair Study Away Seattle crew.jpg

Enhance your college career by participating in any of our exceptional experiential learning opportunities available below. ODU promises to provide all Monarchs with relevant experience throughout their college years and to provide them with skills and knowledge needed for their future careers and global citizenship. Thanks to members of the Spring Seattle Study Away co-hort for supporting the Spring 2022 Experience Guaranteed Snack & Chat.


Learn more here about Experience Guaranteed.

Photo of Experience Guaranteed program support and

Seattle Study Away Students: Aaron Wells, Jonovan Savage, and Leya Eley

LGBTQ+ Organizational Culture in the Pacific Northwest

will be available again in Spring 2024!

For more information about joining the next Seattle trip,

please reach out to Prof. Lietzenmayer!

Sunset at Sculpture Park in Seattle, WA March 2022_edited.jpg

Sunset at Sculpture Park in Seattle, WA March 2022

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