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About the senior experience

  • Demonstration of disciplinary competency

  • Complete research & articulate the current state in your major

  • Explore how to talk about your degree, major, and discipline

  • Gain confidence and network



For any questions or concerns
about the Senior Experience, first
attempt to contact your
instructor or the Current Director.


If you are having difficulty reaching them,
please contact your advisor or the main Communication office (757) 683-3828,
3000 Batten Arts & Letters.

All students majoring in programs in Communication, Dance, and Theatre are required to complete a Senior Experience as part of their degree. Senior Experiences are designed as stepping stones for students to apply knowledge and skills accrued throughout their coursework toward preparing for future careers.


Senior Experience course options will vary by Major, but include options for an internship, a study abroad/away experience, a service-learning course, a senior capstone, or more specialized experiences within students' chosen Majors.


Students become eligible for Senior Experience options once they reach 90 credits or with permission of the course instructor or Current Director. You will be directed by your advisor to opportunities that are suited for your area of study and as other opportunities become available. 


Diversity Values statement

The Department of Communication & Theatre Arts believes that communication is a human right and that people have a fundamental need to have their stories heard. As members of a diverse community, we have a desire and a responsibility to listen to the voices of anger, fear, and sorrow for the current and ongoing injustices flowing through our society and help amplify those voices that have been marginalized.

  • We stand against racism and injustice.

  • We stand for the lives and dreams of our students, their families, and our communities.

  • We pledge to work together to foster more equitable forms of communication that contribute to a more just society.

  • You can read more about the Department of Communication & Theatre Arts focus on anti-racist pedagogy and cultivating inclusive learning environments here.

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