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COMM 300:
International Sojourning

Italian Streets

Preparing for 
the journey

What will you learn?

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the nature of a sojourn and its circumstances 

  • Identify specific communicative processes in sojourning 

  • Demonstrate the role of intercultural communications in sojourning 

  • Identify obstacles to intercultural communication and strategies for dealing with them 

  • Demonstrate the role of travel narrative in the traveler's imagination 

  • Identify the role of media representations on sojourners expectations 

  • Employ specific media (travel writing, cultural film, music) to prepare for international travel 

  • Identify and utilize digital tools related to international sojourning

get out and explore

Course Description: The course uses ideas developed by communication scholars to explore challenges in preparing for an international sojourn, living in a different culture, and returning home. International sojourning is informed by two main traditions in communication scholarship: interpersonal communication and media studies. The course is grounded in communication research, but also uses popular media – such as travel writing, fiction, narrative and non-fiction film, music, and online media -- as a means of understanding ourselves and the ‘other.’ This course also investigates practical issues for the modern traveler, including review and practice with mobile digital applications
Prerequisites: junior standing or permission of instructor.

For questions about registering for Capstone, please reach out to Dr. Nicholas.

Travel Selfie
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