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- WHAT qualifies - 

how do i know this internship is right?

To qualify as an internship appropriate to the Communication major, the internship must provide supervised professional work experience in a corporate, research, or educational setting, where there is opportunity to apply and further develop knowledge and skills acquired in the student’s Communication concentration’s course work.

  • The employer must offer an opportunity for the intern to apply, practice, and develop skills and knowledge emphasized in the Communication major’s concentrations.


  • Work is expected to be substantive and varied, not clerical or “gopher” duties, and must be related to the Communication curriculum. Typically, this means work in media, public relations, employee training and development, or human resources fields.


  • Note:  Sales positions, telemarketing, and staff or management positions in non-communication related fields are not eligible for credit through the Department of Communication.


  • Students need to work in an office/professional setting, or approved virtual work.


  • Internships must be positions new to the student and designated by the employer to be an internship. Students may not convert a job currently held (or a promotion) to an internship.


  • Students may not intern in a location where a family member supervises the department where the student is working or has ownership in the business.


  • Students and employers are expected to cooperate with ODU's Career Development Services when information or visits are requested during the course of the semester.


The conditions of an internship should be established between the employer and student before he or she reports. These include the nature of the internship, supervisory arrangements, specific responsibilities of the intern, compensation (if any), and work schedules. Employers must provide a safe environment in which students can work and the materials that students need to complete their assignments (a desk, computer, etc.).


Once the internship begins, employers should review the students’ work with them regularly and treat them as professionals. The supervisor must also agree to complete an evaluation through ODU’s Career Management Center (a link will be emailed to the employer toward the end of the semester).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  An "internship" for the purposes of earning communication program credit is NOT,  A) A student club or student government position (appointed or elected), B) a job that is temporarily converted to an internship performing the same duties, C) overtime or extra work you take on at your paid job, D) a side gig that you are pursuing yourself (i.e., entrepreneurship, self-employment).  While these are all potentially worthwhile uses of your time and I respect your choices, I will not approve things that are actually not internships but you are saying "it could be an internship."   When in doubt ask, but know that if you have to ask it likely isn't an internship.   Internships are most often offered as an internship, you are treated as an intern, and you tell others you are interning (including on your resume).


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