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Discover the Benefits of a Culminating Senior Experience

The Senior Experience in COMM & Theatre Arts is designed to provide a culminating scholarly experience rooted in high impact practices. This requirement directs students to produce and/or showcase their emerging professional capabilities and expertise in a course that best aligns with their professional and personal aspirations.

What are high impact practices (HIPs)?

HIPs are evidence-based learning opportunities with significant educational benefits for students who participate in them.

"Research shows that students involved in high-impact practices (HIPs) enjoy higher levels of learning success. These evidence-based practices include service learning,

undergraduate research, and internships—to name a few." (AACU, 2022)


Who needs a senior experience?

All Department of Communication & Theatre Arts Majors in Communication, Film, Theatre, and Dance beginning with the 21-22 Course Catalog. ALL Majors & Minor are welcome to participate as Juniors or Seniors, even if they follow older catalog years.


when should I do this?

Students entering their junior year should begin planning for their Senior Experience. Review the pre-requisites for the experience you are most interested in, check with your advisor, and plan to register after 90 credits (or with Junior standing with advisor or instructor approval).


what should I take?

We recommend you choose a Senior Experience that best supports your Major. An outline of the appropriate options for Majors here. To that end, Film students make a movie, whereas a Strat Comm Major might work an Internship or join the internal PR firm, ROAR. Talk to your Major advisor or reach out to the Current Director to start planning.



All the information you need can be found on this website. Take your time exploring the website, and reach out to the Current Director or your Department Advisor with questions.

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